Allen Y.
Glendora Public Market is a fun environment and i love that there isn't really anything like it around the area. So glad Cassidy Corner Cafe opened up a location here. The staff were all welcoming and friendly. I love the cinnamon glaze bagel because i have a sweet tooth. The bagel bombs are super delicious and pairs well with the 4-2-1 passion tea. Definitely try this place, you wont regret it.
Amanda G.
OMG these bagels are soooo good! We had the Desi in the middle of the afternoon and you'd never have known it. The bagel was moist and chewy, but not so much so that your mouth was tired of chewing it. The jalapeño flavor was good (would've preferred more spiciness). It was filling, but didn't make you feel stuffed. The mini cinnamon bagel was so good too and perfect size for my 3-year old who also loved it. For sure worth trying, oh and they serve donuts which we didn't not try.
Lily T.
I went in on a Saturday morning around 10am after my daughter's ballet class. I haven't checked out the Glendora Public Market and finally decided it go since it's been a few weeks since their opening. When I walked in I was a bit shocked because of how many stores were open but anyway this review is for Cassidy's. Decent amount of parking and right when you walk in from the parking lot you will definitely see Cassidy's Corner Cafe. There was a few people waiting in line. I ordered Garlic Bagel with Garden Cream Cheese, Jalepeno Bagel with Vox (chucks of salmon with cream cheese) and some Bagel Bites. The bagel bites usually come in 4, but they didn't have enough so she gave me the 3 that was left and 1 donut. I thought it would be plain bagel bites or maybe everything flavor bagel bites. It was actually cinnamon flavored. The bites were pretty big from what I'm use to. (battam bagels) The bagels were nice, soft and chewy. Tasted freshly baked, but I could have had more cream cheese. My husband thought there wasn't enough salmon chunks in the vox. The workers there are really friendly and understanding.
Joel M.
I don't know if it because of COVID, but their hours are 7am to 3pm. I imagine it's more of a breakfast/lunch type place. I had the Maddy, which is pastrami in a bagel. I wanted the Cassidy Club, but they had run out of bacon on opening weekend. Prices are a bit high compared to other places, I guess you pay for the ambiance of Glendora Public Market, but there is no seating inside because of social distancing precautions. Cassidy's Corner is one of six that are currently operating at Glendora Public Market. I'm more interested in the other restaurants that have not opened yet.
Samuel C.
I tried their ice blended chai and I can say it's better than most of Starbucks, coffee bean, and boba shops. What you need on a hot day like today is a good ice blended drink that will last you a while. Everyone's taste buds are different but if you like chai or some good ice blended drink. Trust me its good
Yvette G.
I loved the bagel they recommended, (the cinnamon glaze) The cashier made me feel comfortable and excited to to try this place. She also so was so kind to let us try some of the smaller bagels! I would highly recommend!!
Ysabella M.
ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE!!! The customer service was so nice and welcoming. I ordered a GG bagel and it was phenomenal. The ingredients were fresh and the bagel was filling. I also tried the passion fruit drink and it was refreshing. So excited to visit again!